Essential Oil Giveaway! These 4 Homemade Remedies for Fleas Work Miraculously

There are certain commercial remedies that have proven to be effective against killing fleas. You can find details on Wavepest. But in this post, we will discuss home remedies for fleas that will act as the natural killer. Believe, these remedies are much safer than those chemical-ridden products you pick from the store shelves.

You should understand that fleas can invade your house and property any time and what’s frustrating about them is their generation cycle. Some home flea species eggs can remain latent for over a year. And this is the reason why you feel like your treated home is flea-free but it actually isn’t.    

Here are some useful home remedies for fleas that really work. These homemade remedies will not only kill the fleas but also control their recurrence.   

1. Use Dish-washing Liquid as Flea Trap:

This technique is probably the easiest way to trap and kill fleas. You can make your own flea trap at home. It is not recommended to bathe your dog or pet with liquid dish-wash but once a while dish-wash bathing can kill the fleas on your pets. However, a flea trap will ensure that your house is flea-free.

You will need:

Warm water

Tea candles

Bowls or dinner plates

Dishwashing liquid

Perform this:

Before going to bed, place plates or bowls in each of your room. Make sure it is in the middle of the room and on the floor.

Fill them partly or brim with water for bowl or plate.

Pour some liquid dish-was in each bowl or plate.

Now, place tea candles in the middle of the plate. In case of bowls, place the candles near the bowls.

Light the candle and switch-off every other light in your house.

When everyone is asleep, the fleas get active. They will be attracted towards the light.

The viscosity of the soapy water will make sure that the fleas aren’t going anywhere. You can dispose of the dead fleas in the morning.

You can follow doing this for 3-4 days continuously if your house is heavily infested.    

2. Herbal Flea Spray:

If you are considering using a chemically induced flea bomb to get rid of the fleas, before going to the store and buying one, try this herbal flea spray remedy for once. The best thing about this flea spray is that it is completely natural and entirely safe for your pets and children.

You will need:

4 liters Vinegar

2 liters Water

500 ml Lemon Juice

250 ml Witch hazel

1 fresh vacuum bag

A garden sprayer (6-7 liters capacity)

Perform this:

You will need to vacuum your entire home before spraying with flea spray.

Gather items that cannot be vacuumed. If they are washable, put it in a washer with the hottest water setting. This ensures that the eggs and larvae of the fleas are killed.

Now vacuum every nook and corner of your house including the shelves, cupboards, etc. You are required to use a fresh vacuum bad as it will make certain unrestricted air flow.

Now mix witch hazel, lemon juice, water, and vinegar of the given quantity.

Fill this mixture into the garden sprayer.

Spray this mixture all around your house from carpets, couch, wardrobes, pet bedding, floors, and window sill; spray it everywhere possible.

You can continue spraying for 2-3 days if the situation is worse.

3. Salt to kill Fleas:

Salt is the most common item that can be found in every home. You probably had not known that salt is an excellent flea killer. Salt acts as a dehydrating agent for the fleas that dries out their bodies when came in contact.  

You will need:

Any sea salt or table salt (lots of them depending on the size of the flea-infested area)

A large container with a shaker top (not necessary)

Perform this:

Ensure that the salt you have is finely grounded or powdered. If not, use a grinder to get fine salt powder.

Fill up your container with the finely grounded salt for sprinkling it all over your place.

You can also use your hands for sprinkling salt.

Sprinkle salt over the infested area including the carpets and every nook. Make sure that salt covers your entire floor and area.

Leave your house all salty for 1-2 days and vacuum thoroughly.

4. Citronella Essential Oil as Flea Repellent:

You might not know but citronella essential oil is an excellent flea repellent. Citronella essential oil is extracted from the stems of Cymbopogon nardus. It is a volatile oil and its plant is easy to identify. Its leaves are greenish-blue in color and are lemon scented. Citronella essential oil is not only safe to be used on humans but also pose no threat to animals as well. You have to keep in mind that citronella essential oil can be an excellent flea repellent but cannot kill them. you can use citronella essential oil to not only repel fleas but other insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and black flies.

You will need:

1-gallon warm water

20 drops of citronella essential oil

10 drops of tea tree oil

10 drops of lemongrass oil

5 drops of geranium oil

Perform this:

Mix the given ingredients thoroughly to form a solution.

Vacuum your entire floor properly including every nook and corner. Dispose the vacuum bag and get yourself a new one as it can contain eggs and larvae of the fleas.

Take a fresh mop and wipe the floors with this solution.

Use this scented water to mop your house daily. Once you feel like the infestation is minimized, you can do it occasionally like once a week.

The scent of the essential oils will keep the fleas and mosquitoes away and gives your home a fresh smell.


These 4 homemade remedies for fleas are your best bet if you are living in a flea infested house. These remedies are proven and tested by the house owners and what makes it worth a try is that these remedies use natural components that you can find in your home or the nearest stores.

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